LandEscapes Journal Redesign

Created: Spring 2016 || WordPress || HTML/CSS


English Dept. Award 2015-2016: Outstanding Work on LandEscapes & for the Arts at WSU
The LandEscapes Journal website was originally redesigned in the Spring of 2015. However, the website had to be redesigned again to comply with the university's switch to using WordPress. Documentation was also written for future management of the website and social media accounts in order to maintain the journal's online presence.


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Music of the Spheres Series

Created: Fall 2015 || WordPress || HTML/CSS || JavaScript


This website was designed and created for an innovative sci-fi web-series called the "Music of the Spheres". The entire series is filmed using a 360-degree camera which allows viewers to move and view the scene from different perspectives. The website was created using WordPress along with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I created a custom load screen animation using the series logo and JavaScript. I also customized and integrated the use of BuddyPress which is used as a social networking feature within the website for those who follow the series.


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LandEscapes Journal*

Created: Spring 2015 || HTML/CSS || jQuery || FTP Client


The Daily Evergreen Article: LandEscapes Launches New Journal & Website
English Dept. Award 2014-2015: Outstanding Work on LandEscapes & for the Arts at WSU
DTC Dept. Award 2015: Best Web Design - "This website serves as the online version of the journal and a portal to submit to future editions. To build the website, Mara used text-editors like Text Wrangler, Notepad++, or Bracket, depending on the computer she was on. She used her knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Jquery to take a template and make significant changes to it to create a stronger online identity for LandEscapes. An HTML5 Lightbox was also utilized in the design process and she used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop for some of the site content. Additionally, she found a free for public use open-source code for a book reader and was able to significantly tweak it so that it would work in terms of visually fitting in with the site as well as being more functional."

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Nuevo Vallarta Restaurant

Created: Fall 2013 || WordPress || HTML/CSS || Adobe PS CS6


I assisted in designing the layout of the site content in a way that was easy to follow and visually appealing. Additionally, I was responsible for creating the digital version of the menu and integrating it within the website design.

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Zoe Coffeehouse & Pub*

Created: Spring 2013 || HTML/CSS || jQuery || FTP Client


DTC Dept. Award 2014: Best Webtext - "This was a project made for Mara's DTC 498 internship project. Mara used Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver as well as Illustrator when creating the chalkboard background effect and chalk text on some pages such as the 'About' page. And before actually creating the site with HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript, she used Illustrator to create the design she had in mind while collaborating with the owner. The committee liked the overall design and usability of the site, and also applauded Mara’s efforts at creating this site from the ground up (instead of using a template). The site definitely captures the coffeehouse atmosphere."

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Personal Portfolio Original

Created: Spring 2012 || HTML/CSS || JavaScript || FTP Client

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Web Projects

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Wanting to learn and starting with an idea...

I decided to create my online portfolio in 2012. I wanted to see what I created out there on the web and I wanted to show it off. Essentially, I created my own digital playground on my corner of the web and I wanted everyone to check it out.

The world of web design and development is always evolving though, so there is always something new to learn. I'm very proud of this version of my site and will likely keep it around for a while with new features being added here and there. Maybe not. We'll see.

This most recent design was inspired by the re-designing of my resume, so it started as an idea which lead to me finding this particular template. From there I drew out a wireframe (see below) with exactly how I wanted to it look, coded the pop-up feature when you select one of the above thumbnails, and it's turned into what you see before you.

I still have a few other ideas of features I'd like to add, but as I said, this website is a constant work in progress. Be sure to come back for more.

Wireframe for my current portfolio design:
Portfolio Wireframe

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have. I'm happy to chat about pretty much anything, but I especially love to discuss creative digital media and learn about your experiences. I'd love to pick your brain and you're free to pick at mine. - M.J.