WSU GC Video Samples

Fall 2014 to Present || Editing || Filming || Acting


I assisted in creating media for use in various settings. Including, but not limited to, everything from instructional videos for online classes to promotional materials for campus events. Primarily, I assisted in filming and livestreaming of campus events which include setting up the wiring and clearly communicating with the video producer to achieve appropriate shots. There were also many post-production projects I helped with involving editing footage using Adobe Premiere to create clear and cohesive videos for public, online viewing.

And though I moved onto a different team, I still have the opportunity to assist the media team when they are over-booked with streaming events. I've also participated in front of the camera for a few promotional videos. Please feel free to take a look at some of the project I've been involved in:




8-Bit/Glitch Art - GIF Animation

Created: Fall 2014 || Adobe Photoshop CS6

These three pieces were created for a Print and Digital Media course. We had to choose to create a piece of pixelated, 8-bit art or glitch art. I chose to do a combination and created this series of GIFs.

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Collections Poster Graphic

Created: Spring 2014 || Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CS6

This was a project for a Design and Composition course. The class had to make a list of collections (tangible or not) and organize them into one composition. I chose a mixed variety of both tangible and non-tangible collections. I wanted to illustrate the anxiety I felt with so many of those random collections on my mind.

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Experimental Short Film

Created: Spring 2016 || Adobe Premiere CC

This project was created for a Time-based Digital Media course. The purpose of this project was portray a short, experimental narrative/story based on your own experience in 2 different ways through digital video. It is titled Crushed and this 3-minute short was scripted (view script PDF), storyboarded (view storyboard PDF), filmed, and edited in two weeks.

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